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Ferio Tego Generoso LE 2021

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Ferio Tego Generoso LE 2021 is an exquisite experience for the avid cigar aficionado! Crafted in the Dominican Republic with a powerful and velvety blend of naturally-aged Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos delicately wrapped in a potent and flavorful Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, this cigar offers a complex and enjoyable smoke! As it is lit, Ferio Tego Generoso LE 2021 introduces a medley of warm and invigorating flavors ranging from roasted coffee, toasted nuts and cocoa intertwined with cloves and woody undertones – all crowned by a signature creamy finish. An unforgettable experience in every puff, this limited edition cigar is sure to tantalize your senses!