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Flor De Oliva Cigars

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Flor De Oliva cigars are handcrafted with care, creating a delectably smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Using only the finest tobacco, blended and beautifully rouged with a light yet exquisite wrapper, these exquisite cigars boast a bracing bouquet of spices, sweet cedar and subtle nuttiness, which tantalize the taste buds and provide a truly luxurious experience. Manufactured right in the heart of the majestic Dominican Republic, this top-notch cigar is sure to delight the most discerning of cigar connoisseurs. Perfect for a indulgent pairing with a fine cognac or port, Flor De Oliva is an undeniably luxurious and unique treat. Enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of Flor De Oliva Cigars.